What is Dharma and How Can It Make You Happy?

What is Dharma? The word Dharma literally translates to the word “Duty” or “Purpose”. In Hinduism it is the sacred way of how a person should live, in Buddhism, it is the Law and Order of Things. But for sentient beings, Dharma is equivalent of our meaning and purpose in our current state. It is our mission in this lifetime.

Dharma and Happiness

Many think that following rules can be constricting. They think of Dharma or Duty as something that removes their freedom, on the contrary, Dharma is what gives everyone freedom and total happiness. It is the driving force of life, that once you discover it, it will lead you to success and achievement.

The essense of Dharma is this. We are all unique. We are all different from another and that is our gift. Our uniqueness gives us a special place in this world. Dharma basically states that is our goal and duty to find out what is our special gift and use it to help others live a better life.

But how can this make us happy? Happiness truly comes when we have been able to go beyond ourselves and own little world and be able to help others achieve happiness. Have you ever helped someone and felt really good after? That is how Dharma works.

Samsara on the other hand, is suffering, and holds us back, so this is something we should seek to avoid.

Achieving Happiness Through Dharma

Dharma states that one must be true to one’s self in order for you to follow you purpose and calling in life. Without being true, you will be unable to follow your Dharma. You to have a purpose aligned to who you truly are in order to be successful and happy.

Achieving success does not mean riches, it means being contented and smiling evey night as you lay on your bed to sleep because you did your life’s calling.

How do you achieve happiness through Dharma?

1. Know yourself – You have to know who you are. You have to embrace every bit of you and not be ashamed of where you came from and what you’ve been through. You need to know your roots as well. Know where your parents and grandparents came from. Know your community. Know the people around you.

After knowing your family and your heritage, you need to know your soul. You need to know how your heart beats. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to know what makes you tick. And then use this. Use your core to fire your engine.

2. Be yourself – Stop being a follower and start being yourself. Forget the labels. Forget what social media asks you to be. Forget what others say. Know who you are and embrace it. No one else can be you so go ahead and be you, just YOU AND NO ONE ELSE. Don’t pretend and follow the crowd. Don’t crave for attention. Let go of your ego and the self image you think you need. Just be yourself.

3. Use your talents – You have many gifts. Use them. Combine them and best of all share them. Your talents are the Universe’s gift to you. Do not waste these gifts. Every morning, wake up and tell yourself “I will use my talents today”. Talents are like plants, they weither when they are not nurtured.

You talents can take you places. It can help you find people who also have similar talents. It can also help you those who don’t have the same talent but need your helpt for something.

4. Know your purposeEverything in this Universe has a purpose. Everything you see has a role and meaning. The planets are places in their cradles in space for a reason. You have a purpose in life. The moment you know what this purpose is, is the time you have truly found your Dharma. Hear this call. Live life towards your purpose and help others alsot to achieve theirs.

Dharma and Life

Life is complex. It is a wheel that turns. We are spokes on a wheel. If we know which way to go, we will be able to move well with life, fight your purpose and you’ll be twisted broken and bent. Live according to your Dharma and be happy.